How to activate and scan your CGM sensor

How to activate and scan your CGM:

  • once the sensor is attached to your arm, open the Libre app on your phone and scan your sensor to activate it (Libre 3 does NOT require manual scanning - data is automatically transmitted to your phone)
  • your sensor will take approximately 60 minutes to begin sending data to the kahla app; you will not be able to scan or see any data until the 60 minutes have passed
  • once activated, you can scan your sensor as often as you like, but it is important to scan your sensor 2-3 hours after eating to receive your meal score, and at least every 8 hours to prevent gaps in glucose data.
  • kahla currently supports the FreeStyle Libre CGM. Each sensor lasts for 14 days after which you will need to replace it with a new one.
  • Within the first 48 hours of wearing the sensor, it's common to experience abnormally high/low readings. You can read more about low/high readings here.

Important note on Libre alarms: The LibreLink 2 and 3 apps have mandatory low and high glucose alarms. We recommend turning all these OFF by going to the ☰ menu in your Libre app -> tap Alarms and turn all alarms OFF.

The only alarm you won't be able to turn off is the Urgent Low Glucose alarm. This goes off if your blood sugar levels drop too low (but is not clinically significant as it mostly occurs during the night from sleeping on the sensor). To prevent this alarm from waking you up in the middle of the night, every night before you go to bed, either turn bluetooth OFF, or go to ☰ menu in your Libre app -> tap Alarms -> tap "Settings" on the "Enable Notifications" pop-up -> tap "Notification" -> turn Critical Alarms OFF

Please note, the current version of the kahla app is still in beta which means you might experience errors, bugs and app crashes. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to improve your experience.