How to install your CGM sensor

Attaching and wearing a CGM is pain free. Please follow the instructions below on how to install your CGM:

How to install your Libre 3 sensor:

How to install your Libre 1 or Libre 2 sensor:

Tips for easy installation:

  • for best results, don’t apply the CGM directly over muscle; find the fattier part of the back of your upper arm and attach it there
  • relax your arm before applying the CGM (you can shake it a few times) and take a few inhales and longer exhales - we promise, installation is pain free
  • you don’t need to apply extra pressure when attaching the sensor, it will stick on its own
  • the kahla patch provided with your CGM is meant to protect the sensor from peeling off (this can sometimes happen from too much contact with water, excessive sweating or rubbing it off during sleep)
  • to apply the patch, simply remove the white paper on the back and stick the patch on top of your sensor; smooth over the edges over the skin surrounding the sensor
  • if you’re experiencing pain after applying the sensor and/ or the patch, please see more information here.

Please note, the current version of the kahla app is still in beta which means you might experience errors, bugs and app crashes. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to improve your experience.