How to use the kahla app

Have the kahla app installed on your phone

  1. Create an account and fill in a quick questionnaire to assess metabolic, hormonal and other health symptoms - you will track these symptoms on a daily basis
  2. Install and connect your CGM to the kahla app to start getting glucose data (step-by-step guides linked below)
  3. Fill in the daily journal (super easy and fast) where we ask you about your symptoms and lifestyle factors
  4. Log your meals and activities as they happen throughout the day
  5. Scan your CGM (if your have Libre 1 or 2) every few hours to keep updating your glucose data 
  6. Use the menstrual cycle feature to track your cycle, log symptoms and receive cycle syncing recommendations
  7. Check you daily personalized recommendations based on your symptoms and factors
  8. Check the insights section for data into your symptoms and lifestyle factors

Step-by-step guides:

Please note, the current version of the kahla app is still in beta which means you might experience errors, bugs and app crashes. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to improve your experience.